Ingol Village brewing company was born in September 2020. After being an avid home brewer for several years, and much more so during the lockdowns of 2020, owner Alex Barnes decided to realise his dream of starting his own brewery.

After starting out brewing in our home garage in Ingol, we soon realised we would need more space and moved to a small industrial unit based near the docks in Preston. Our brewery is classed as a Nano brewery due to its small size, we currently brew batches of 100 litres which equates to approximately 200 cans. Although this is a very small scale, this gives us the ability to experiment with our beers and strive to constantly improve them.

Our Main focus is currently on fresh hop forward pales and IPAS as that is what we love to drink, although we do have some lagers and darker beers planned and have sours and saisons firmly in our sights for the future too. All are beers are unfiltered and vegan friendly.

Due to its small size and licencing conditions the brewery is closed to the public. Our beers are currently only available online directly from us, for both national and local delivery.